About HP

HP is a privately funded art and heritage touring museum that provides free public exhibitions across Berkshire.

Email: hello@historyportal.org

Phone: 01189010126



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FAQ's & Policy



Can you identify an object for me?

History Portal is happy to help members of the public in identifying their interesting objects or revealing a little light on that old family heirloom. Simply contact us with as much detail as possible, including measurements, known history, and a high-quality image. If we are unable to help, we can reach out for assistance via our diverse connections in the Museum / Heritage sector. We are unable to give valuations and recommend you contact a specialist auction house for up-to-date valuations and advice


We do not repair objects, and cannot recommend repairers or restorers.


Do you accept donations/gifts to the collection?

Public gifts are central to building our collection, and we are grateful for all offers of donations. However, our resources and space are limited, so we have a strict collecting policy. We collect in four areas, these being art, archaeology, natural history, and social history. We aim to respond to donation requests with a detailed reply within 7 working days.

The History Portal's Acquisition Group makes the final decision about whether an object is to be accepted in line with the policy’s strict collecting criteria including geographical, ethical and legal issues. 


If you wish to offer us an object, please contact us. Try and give us as much information as possible about the object including what you know about its history. If the item isn't for us, we are more than happy to help suggest other organizations that may be interested.


Why are all your objects in cases?

Objects are displayed in cases at our public exhibitions in order to protect them. There are always several hands-on interactive elements that complement our displays.


Do you allow photography/filming at HP exhibitions?


Still photography - Is allowed, without flash or tripod and for personal enjoyment only, except where signs show otherwise.

The reasons for this are:


Loan conditions – when objects are loaned to History Portal, we agree to terms and conditions which may include clauses related to conservation and photography. •


Protection of copyright – History Portal cannot allow photography of works still in copyright without the permission of the copyright holder. We do not have this for all works on display, especially in temporary exhibitions. You must assign copyright in all photographs taken at HP exhibitions to History Portal. The photographs must not be displayed in any public place, published, sold or used for advertisement, promotion or any other commercial purpose without a written agreement in advance and payment of fees.


By taking photographs at HP exhibitions you agree to these conditions. We do not allow commercial or professional still photography at our exhibitions unless permission is granted prior to public display.


There are two reasons for this:

Loss of income from image sales – licensing of our copyright images for commercial purposes helps us raise funds which ensure that we can continue to care for and provide access to the collections.


Misrepresentation – it could damage our credibility if images are used with inaccurate information about HP or our collections. We can supply high-quality images of many of the objects within our care – please contact  us for prices.



Filming, or making any video recording, at HP exhibitions is not allowed even for personal use, except by prior arrangement. Contact us if you wish to make film/video recordings stating what you want to film and why. This is for reasons of security and safeguarding. Professional filming, video or sound recording will be subject to a facilities fee. Film-makers/producers please contact us in advance to discuss your requirements. Film crews must be accompanied at all times so we usually need at least one month’s notice.


Do you lend objects?

We currently have programs which work with local schools and care homes, in order to display items outside of our planned exhibitions. We also lend objects from our collections for display in exhibitions at other museums and cultural organization. Sadly we are unable to offer any item to the general public as a loan.