About HP

HP is a privately funded art and heritage touring museum that provides free public exhibitions across Berkshire.

Email: hello@historyportal.org

Phone: 01189010126



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HP School Program

Investing in children's cultural experiences


History Portal believe's that it is extremely important that local children are given every opportunity to explore, handle and learn of humanities diverse heritage.


That is why we intend to offer access to our special artefacts to local school's and classroom teachers, enabling children to have a hands-on approach to learning. We have items in our care that cover National Curriculum subjects such as Art, Romans, Indus Valley and Mesoamerican cultures such as the Aztecs and Maya. We also offer access to authentic reproductions of period clothing, giving children a chance to experience the realities of life from bygone eras. To learn more about our school's program, please email us at hello@historyportal.org

Any visitor from HP to any school will be fully CRB checked.


Our services include:

  • A custom planned event for your school.

  • Experienced talkers for assembly events.

  • A choice of artefacts for children to interact with

  • Long-term exhibition of artefacts in school libraries. 

  • Dress up workshops with our authentic period reproduction clothing.