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HP is a privately funded art and heritage touring museum that provides free public exhibitions across Berkshire.

Email: hello@historyportal.org

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Albertyne Collections

Something for everyone


History Portal has exclusive access to twelve truly amazing collections containing over 3,000 items, compiled by our founders over a combined collecting obsession of 20 years. To find out more, click on the collection that sparks your interest.

These collections are:


  • World Art Collection - Over 200 works of Art from the 15th century to contemporary from across the globe.

  • The Madeline Wetten Collection - Over 50 pieces of beautiful pottery artifacts from the Indus Valley Civilization  dating  from 3,000 BC

  • The Eddie Winship Collection - Our social history collection, containing everything from Victorian household objects to ration cards from WWII.

  • The Lauren Heath Collection - This special collection of over 100 items of  Victorian baby clothing is named after a local Mother,  who gave her life,  to protect her child.

  • The Cochrane Collection - An outstanding group of 50 plus Meso- American pottery figurines,  whistles and textiles of National importance.

  • Heritage Textile Collection - Over 100 items of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian clothing, from fur capes to silk ballroom gowns.

  • HP Toy Collection - Newly founded, this collection will include toys of all manners, from Victorian era teddy bears to modern gaming consoles, such as the famed Sega Mega Drive.

  • Fine Antiques Collection - contains over 1,000 items, from Georgian bronze figurines to European porcelain, 18th-century French mirrors to items of furniture.

  • Ancient Artifacts Collection - Over 5,000 years of history - From Egyptian wooden figures to Saxon iron crosses, large Chinese stone carvings to tiny Roman bronze belt buckles

  • HP Photograph Collection -  We have over 1,500 photographs documenting social history from around the world dating from the 1870s to the 1960s.

  • The Burgess Philatelic Collection - One of our founding collections. These fascinating albums contain over 1,000 stamps from around the world, from Penny Blacks to Commonwealth issues. 

  • Historical Artifacts Collection - This collections contains items of historical importance such as the believed first shirt of George IV to the World's Oldest Chocolate Easter egg.